ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A tense confrontation between Hobby Lobby workers and a New Mexico family over face masks was caught on video. Businesses can get slapped with fines if customers aren’t wearing face coverings, but the man who recorded the video claims Hobby Lobby workers took their mask enforcement too far.

“You’re being mean to me and my disabled family,” a man, who wanted to remain anonymous, is heard saying in the video. He recorded the moments his family of four was kicked out of the store off Montgomery and Eubank last month for not wearing face masks.

“I’m asking you to leave, please,” an employee is heard telling the family. “And, I’m asking your general manager’s name. Your general manager’s name. Are you going to refuse?” the man asked.

The man said his family does not have to wear masks despite the governor’s directive and the sign at the store entrance requiring masks because they all have disabilities ranging from PTSD and severe injuries to immune deficiencies.

“All three of us are disabled Americans,” he said in the video. The extended state health order still mandates masks in public places except when eating or drinking or “unless a healthcare provider instructs otherwise.”

“If you want to get back to work, if you want businesses to reopen, the path to that really is wearing a mask,” Human Services Director Dr. David Scrase said at the governor’s latest press conference on Thursday.

In an emailed statement Tuesday, the governor’s office said medical experts and physicians “have repeatedly stated that there are very, very few medical conditions that would prevent a person from safely wearing a face covering.”

The man claims the staff at the store never asked his family about their medical history before showing them the door. Hobby Lobby staff said a manager was not available Tuesday for comment.

The ADA encourages private businesses to consider ways to assist people who can’t wear a face mask like online ordering with curbside pickup or no contact delivery.