NOTE: These charts will no longer be updated as of March 14, 2022. Starting on March 14, 2022, the NMDOH will not be releasing how many people in each county have COVID.

The following charts show cases of coronavirus by day for each New Mexico County that has identified an individual infected with COVID-19. The data is provided by the New Mexico Department of Health daily and may be partial or subject to change due to further investigation or technical difficulties. Delayed results will be included in the following days reporting.

A Moving Average Trendline smoothes out fluctuations in data to show a pattern or trend more clearly. A moving average trendline uses a specific number of data points (set by the Period option), averages them, and uses the average value as a point in the trendline.

If Period is set to 2, for example, then the average of the first two data points is used as the first point in the moving average trendline. The average of the second and third data points is used as the second point in the trendline, and so on.