ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico has become a center of TV and film production, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought filming to a sudden stop. Even though there are no lights, cameras, or action right now for the film industry in the state, studios told KRQE News 13 productions are confident they’ll bounce back.

“We’re optimistic we’re going to be busy and that we’re going to be able to get back to work and offer opportunities for work for the film community,” said Garson Studios Managing Director Claudio Ruben. “And just like everyone else, we’re in a holding pattern and waiting for everything to blow through and jumping back in and going for it.”

Garson Studios in Santa Fe said they’ve had to halt a TV series and feature film that were being produced at their studios, which are a handful of big ticket productions. Last fiscal year, the film industry brought half a billion dollars of direct spending into the state. But when filming stopped, the Economic Development Department Secretary expects a dip in revenue. But they’re not worried about the future of the state’s film industry.

“Our Film Office is actually seeing more calls than ever,” said NM Economic Development Department Secretary Alicia Keyes. “We are entertaining a third partner, we’ve had two companies reach out to us recently that want to move out of Los Angeles and Burbank, so we are actually thinking the film and television sector will be the fastest to come back.”

Secretary Keyes hopes the high number of inquiries is a sign that they will recover some of that lost revenue, but just how much will be lost depends on how long this crisis lasts.

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