ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – President Donald Trump is now encouraging all Americans to wear masks, a shift from his previous stance. News 13 asked local elected officials to see if this changes anything in parts of the state where New Mexico’s mask mandate, hasn’t been very popular.

“I think your backtracking has to do with bullying,” said Jeanine Corn Best, a Roswell City Councilor.

Pres. Trump and other elected officials are now advocating the wearing of masks in public, even posting photos on Twitter and calling it patriotic.

“If you watch carefully, you’d note that Dr. Fauci, his top health advisor has also flip-flopped on this, I think everybody has flip-flopped, you can read science journals and see that some people think that they help, some people don’t think they help,” said former State Representative Steve Pearce.

Southeastern New Mexico has seen the largest population of people against wearing a mask and Best says that’s because they have common sense. “You are correct we are defiant because we have common sense, we are not a sheeple,” said Best

Best says the majority of people in southeast New Mexico are wearing masks but said if you don’t want to, you shouldn’t have to. “If you aren’t scared and you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask but respect others. Don’t bully, so forth and so on,” said Best

Pearce said people in southeastern New Mexico are handling this a bit differently and said even though he doesn’t believe they will stop the spread he feels they won’t do any harm either.

“Well I just trust that everybody will do what they feel is right, some people are wearing them, some people are not, again, I don’t think it’s going to cure or spread, stop the spread, I don’t think it’s going to hurt people to wear them,” said Pearce.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham says people wearing masks will be a factor in deciding if schools can start on time or if it has to be delayed.