TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Taos Ski Valley has been open for a little over a week but they’re already having issues with people complying with the public health order. In a social media post, they say they’ve had several instances of guests refusing to wear masks despite reminders from staff.

Ski New Mexico Director George Brooks says most people do put their masks on after being asked. He says no one has had to leave a ski resort so far this season due to not complying. “It’s within the ski areas right to say alright, if you refuse to put on your mask, here is your money back. Join us another time. We would not have a problem refunding their ticket price if they refused to wear a mask and we refused to let them ride the lift,” Brooks said.

In addition to Taos, Brooks says there have been issues with guests at Sipapu Ski Area this year too.

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