ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Restaurants and small businesses in Roswell have come up with an idea to keep them afloat during these hard times. They are hoping to bring food and shopping together.

“That could be the difference between a successful, a business staying open or a business closing,” said Steven Johnson, Owner of Rustic Essential Soap Company in downtown Roswell.

Johnson has come up with a plan on how to get more foot traffic in downtown by creating “Food Truck Friday’s.”

“Get the food trucks down here, at least one per block. Food trucks are in and we want to make sure when people come down, the food trucks are highlighted. When somebody orders a meal, then they can browse around all these local stores while they are waiting,” said Johnson.

Since dining in at restaurants is gone, for now, there has been a rise in popularity for food trucks, which one owner says the support has been insane during these hard times.

“This is amazing, it’s, I cannot believe every day it gets busier and busier and everybody is keeping their distance,” said Allen Brumlow, Owner of Oro Grill.

The many food trucks around town said they would love the opportunity to get to help other local businesses while still serving their customers.

“I’m stoked, I think it will be good for our little community we need this more than anything else right now. There is a lot of people kinda going through some hard times and stuff and I think that will kinda pick it back up a little bit,” said Allen Brumlow.

The small businesses and the city are on board but they still need to get final approval from the State Department of Transportation since Main Street is under state jurisdiction.

The food truck owners hope to be able to move these Friday events around town to help other small businesses. The first one is scheduled for this Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Main Street.

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