ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Distance learning begins in most school districts Monday but in Roswell, kids are already getting homework and one parent couldn’t believe what was on her daughter’s math worksheet.

Dulce Gonzales was in disbelief at her daughter’s seventh-grade math assignment, sent out by Mesa Middle School asking students to figure out the death rate for the Navajo Nation and New Mexico for COVID-19. Dulce says she thought the homework would get their minds off of the current situation.

“I understand that they have to do math, but I thought it was more to, for them to get their mind off all of this situation,” said Dulce.

Dulce says her daughter is scared over the virus and does not need their school adding to it. The principal says that was not their goal.

“We wanted to relate to what was going on in New Mexico, and you know, unfortunately, it did target a subgroup. The Navajo Nation, which they are fighting a battle and it was more to bring awareness and not to traumatize our students,” said Marcus Franco.

The principal says as soon as they received the complaint they took the assignment off the website.

“I do appreciate what Mrs. Wilson did because we need to see a lot more of that, parent involvement. Elementary school it’s not so much of an issue but when it comes to secondary, it’s like its almost non-existent,” Franco said.

Principal Franco apologized for causing any pain to any of his students. He says a new assignment has already been posted on the website and sent home with students. He also promised something like this will never happen again.