NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Project Echo is launching a new program aimed at helping those having complications long after their COVID-19 diagnosis. The program uses video conferencing technology to connect specialists to doctors in rural communities. It’s aimed at helping them identify, diagnose and treat patients still experiencing complications long after their diagnosis. That can range from fatigue to loss of taste or smell, and on the severe side, pulmonary issues.

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“They can present patients and we can talk about next steps in therapy or provide them with other resources or help for them, for their patients. We anticipate a lot of patients will have this long haulers syndrome and so we want to be able to reach out and help the clinicians,” said Dr. Michelle Harkins, division chief of pulmonary care and sleep medicine.

Dr. Harkins says up to 30% of COVID patients may develop these symptoms and they could last weeks or even months.