NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A Pennsylvania man was cited for not wearing a mask while at a New Mexico gas station. The citation states William Ballantine was not wearing a face mask at the Pilot Gas Station in Santa Rosa two days ago.

Police say he was told to put one on, but he refused to wear it properly and was uncooperative. Police then cited him for violating the public health act, which is a petty misdemeanor.

In Albuquerque this week, a proposal seen as a crackdown on public health order violations was scrapped at the last minute just hours before it was set to be heard at a council meeting. Originally the bill would have put new wording into the city ordinance, making it illegal to “interfere” or “impede” with enforcing the public health order. The Albuquerque city councilors that proposed it say they are now shifting their focus to education rather than enforcement, a strategy Mayor Tim Keller and others including Albuquerque Fire Rescue have promoted. 

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