ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – So much has changed for expectant mothers during the pandemic, including going to ultrasound visits alone. But now as COVID numbers go down and things start to open up, that’s changing for some soon-to-be parents.

UNM Hospital changed their visitor policy just last week, so now partners are allowed in for ultrasounds there but that isn’t the case everywhere. At Women’s Specialists of New Mexico and Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, visitors still aren’t allowed and expectant mothers have to attend ultrasound appointments alone.

Heather Quintana is 35-weeks pregnant with her second child and she says it’s a difficult experience. “My first pregnancy, he was obviously there through every appointment every scan so this time, he hasn’t gone to any. And it’s pretty hard to record because it’s like, nerve-racking going to an ultrasound and then recording. So it’s kind of weird,” Quintana says.

For her husband Dominic Quintana, he says it’s hard having to wait outside.”It’s really frustrating not being able to provide the emotional support my wife needs during this time. It’s a happy time but you can always get bad news or something and not be able to support your spouse. It’s difficult to think about,” says Dominic. At Piñon Perinatal, they just changed their policy last month to allow one adult to accompany a patient to their appointment. And at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque, they allow partners inside but for no longer than 15 minutes during the ultrasound.

Lovelace Hospital also recently updated their policy and are allowing visitors for ultrasound appointments. There is nothing in the public health order limiting visitation at hospitals and clinics – every facility can set its own rules.