ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been two weeks since the governor told restaurants and other businesses to keep a log of customers who come into their store for contact tracing purposes. KRQE News 13 spoke with a few of those businesses to see how they’ve handled the change.

“As soon as they said it was required, they made sure our stations were up and ready,” said Boxing Bear Brewery operations manager, Jay Knigge.

Walking into places like Boxing Bear Brewery and Old Town Pizza Parlor in Albuquerque, you’ll immediately get greeted with instructions like these:

“Basically they come in, we verbalize that they need to sign in and we make sure that every guest signs in,” said Knigge. “Basically write their name, time, date, phone number, and email address and we have a questionnaire here for the COVID symptoms and then they sign off.”

After a spike in coronavirus cases, restaurants are required to keep logs of all dine-in customers for contact tracing purposes.

“It wasn’t a new change for us it was something already in place and it was something we had our customers do since day one,” said Old Town Pizza Parlor owner, Nilo Gonzalez.

Businesses like Old Town Pizza Parlor and Boxing Bear Brewery opted for a pen and paper approach. Others, like Michaels Kitchen in Taos, are asking customers to sign in online.

“There’s a lot more things we have to enforce,” said Knigge. “Being a server means not just serving food and drinks anymore, you’re basically the COVID police.”

Two weeks after the governor put the requirement into effect, we’re told there’s been little push-back from customers. Businesses believe it’s because it’s now become the ‘new normal’ in all restaurants across the state.

“It was just one of those things where God forbid something happen like an outbreak or associated with us,” said Gonzalez. “At least the government could come in and make sure they can trace it correctly.”

The New Mexico Environment Department said their Food Program is starting to check for logs during routine inspections but they do not have enough information right now to identify any trends at this point.