NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – With businesses starting to bring workers back, fewer New Mexicans are filing for unemployment. Nearly 8,000 people filed new claims last week which is a slight dip from the week before but there are nearly 106,000 New Mexicans receiving benefits.

Nationally, 2.4 million Americans filed claims bringing the national total to more than 38 million. While the hope is people will return to work soon, some workers have resisted going back for health reasons.

“Some states have been cracking down saying if your employer is opening up again and you decide that you don’t wanna come back when you’re offered—your unemployment benefits will be terminated—so a lot of workers are in a dicey spot,” Brad Hershbein, Senior Economist, Upjohn Institute.

State Workforce Solutions data shows 14 companies reported significant layoffs this year, including 11 since March 16 impacting more than 2,100 jobs. They include Shamrock Foods, CP Energy, Vision Works, Jasper Ventures and Raytheon, among others.