ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Taos native, Jasmine Kingery loves everything New Mexico, especially the food. “There is an awesome food scene in New Mexico and most people might not know that,” said Kingery.

Kingery now lives in Albuquerque, spreading her knowledge of New Mexican cuisine on TikTok. Foodies on TikTok are always highlighting unique restaurants in their area, Kingery is making sure people know what New Mexican food is all about. “I really wanted to just showcase how awesome those local places are. Of course, there are like the franchises and corporate restaurants you can go to but there’s nothing like the mom and pop shop,” said Kingery.

Restaurants like Wildcat’s Den in Questa, La Finca and The Blend in Albuquerque and on a bigger scale, the variety at Sawmill Market. “I had somebody comment on one of my videos yesterday you know when we share one of these restaurants we all go attack it we all go try it,” said Kingery.

Her creative clips are helping these struggling businesses make extra cash. “I know that chile chicken for sure when that video got posted within two days they had to shut down for a couple of days because they ran out of food,” said Kingery.

Keeping her focus on small businesses that deserve to be kept around.”It’s easy to say ‘let’s go to McDonald’s’ but it’s more meaningful and more worthwhile to try somewhere local that they really put there heart into it,” said Kingery.

With her new-found fame, she’s proving New Mexico is something special. Kingery is following the current public health order, any videos made over the next two weeks will be using the carry-out option.

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