NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – When the movie industry ramps back up, states will be competing for their business. the COVID-19 pandemic may actually help give New Mexico an edge. That’s largely because of the state’s coronavirus response which has made it one of the safest places for productions to shoot.

From Transformers to the Breaking Bad franchise, New Mexico has served as the backdrop for dozens of major films and TV shows. One local filmmaker believes a lot more are on the way. “It looks favorable to us because we’re going to health wise look like a better place to shoot,” says Film Crew Trainer Grubb Graebner.

The coronavirus outbreak has halted film productions for the past three months. Graebner believes once productions get the green light, many of them will head to New Mexico first because it’s safer. “They have the choice of going to shoot in New York where cases are going up. LA where cases are going up or shooting in New Mexico where cases are going down,” Graebner.

He believes producers will also consider how close New Mexico is to L.A. “I’ll get in my star wagon, my big Winnebago that stars drive in all the time, and I’ll just drive to Albuquerque. I’ll take my private jet to Santa Fe. It’s so close it’s very accessible for the talent to get here,” Graebner.

Having Netflix here doesn’t hurt. “Netflix is a major player and they have a major stake in New Mexico which is going to be one of the safer places for them to shoot any of their content,” Graebner says.

The State Film Office says they’ve received a lot of inquiries because many production executives are relocating projects. They say a lot of productions are planning to come here. “As far as the future goes, it’s pretty bright for film workers in New Mexico,” Graebner says. Graebner also says filmmakers are drawn to New Mexico because they have many options outside.

The governor says the film industry could be back in business soon. She says they are considering relaxing the 14-day quarantine requirement in July. The governor says this could apply to travel for business, including those working in the film industry.