NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico college students are getting some financial relief to help them during the coronavirus pandemic. College students across the state will take any additional money they can during this time and for some students, it is helping them transition to their new normal.

“I’m glad that it’s coming,” said Eastern New Mexico University student Brandon Warren. “It’s going to be very beneficial, especially for college students who need it the most who almost are down-grading their education almost to go online.”

This money is part of the CAREs Act, a federal emergency relief fund to help during this pandemic. The feds give part of the money to universities and the universities decide how to distribute the relief money to students. ENMU students were told they had to meet specific criteria, like being a degree-seeking undergrad or graduate student to be eligible for the money.

The purpose is to offset the costs of technology or other expenses to help students as they transition away from the normal school or work life. ENMU students said they’ve heard some of their fellow classmates will be getting around $400.

“I haven’t gotten it yet but I do have a friend that just graduated who got an email that says his is processing,” said ENMU student Landry Widner. “I kind of think that they’re starting with upperclassmen down but that is my guess not sure about that.”

According to documents, the University of New Mexico got $8.6 million to distribute to students. For UNM students to get relief money, they had to already be seeking help in federal aids or pell grants, and depending on that, they could get around $775 or $460. UNM said about 13,000 UNM students got this federal relief money.

Universities across the state also got federal money to help transition classes to distance learning during this pandemic.