ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We’ve seen a lot of stories about how New Mexicans are passing the time during this Stay-At-Home order with a renewed focus on family activities and finding the time to pursue their artistic dreams.

With the Stay-At-Home order extended to at least until the end of the month, there’s a lot of time to fill. KRQE spoke with Marcos Aguilar who lives in Santa Fe and for the past couple of weeks, he’s been following his passion for woodworking. He said he’s made dozens of pens, earrings, bowls and anything else he can think of. 

“If I see a slab of wood and I actually go about looking to see what it can actually become and see the outcome afterwards man, that’s just glorifying enough you know,” said Aguilar. 

Aguilar said he’s just giving his woodworkings to family and friends. But said if he does decide to sell his work, he would donate the money to people in need. 

And Aguilar isn’t the only one pursuing their hobbies. The non-profit organization “Creative Santa Fe” just started a campaign and profile on Instagram called “Imagination Found” that showcases the creative things people are doing as their social distance.

“So we asked people to tag the creative acts that they’re doing in their homes during social distancing, so new recipes they’re trying, new projects they’re launching all kinds of stuff,” said Lauren Henriksen with Creative Santa Fe. “And they tag it and we go through and repost stuff every single day.” She said they’re working with various non-profits throughout the country to promote the campaign.

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