ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Unsafe and reckless is the way neighbors describe a big high school party in Albuquerque over the weekend, which has now resulted in several cancellations at their school. The governor has not allowed youth sports competitions this fall, only small practices. Now, thanks to the actions of some student-athletes, those practices are on hold at one school for the next two weeks.

The governor has made it clear that youth sports are a risk. “We can’t do the competitions,” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said in her news conference Thursday. “We just cannot afford these additional health risks.”

While some protest the ability to compete statewide, some are making it so that their school can’t even practice. A video obtained by KRQE News 13 was reportedly taken Saturday at a party on Jordan Avenue in the Quintessence neighborhood in the Northeast Heights.

Neighbors said there were 100 kids at the party. Monday, La Cueva High School canceled all practices for the next two weeks after the principal confirmed there were La Cueva athletes at the party. In an email, La Cueva’s athletic director wrote, “Please remind your athletes that in order for us to be able to fight for them, they MUST be able to not undermine our efforts.”

Parents shared their frustrations online. One wrote, in part, “Upset and frustrated mom here… Seriously, we follow all the rules… And yet other people continuously ruin it.”

Now, La Cueva has also postponed its SAT test, which they were set to host Wednesday since multiple kids signed up to take it were at the party. Neighbors refused to interview Monday because they said they feared retaliation for speaking out.

They agreed to comment anonymously over the phone. “When you put 100 kids in a house during a pandemic, it is a public health emergency,” one neighbor said anonymously. “People may be upset by the decisions made, but people should be upset at the kids who decided to go to this party.”

Neighbors said partying at this house is an on-going issue that happens when the parents aren’t there. They said they are working with the homeowners to address the problem. Sports practices at La Cueva will resume October 26, and the SAT is rescheduled for October 27.

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