SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Just hours after Joe Biden was named President-elect, hundreds of Donald Trump supporters made their way to Santa Fe to make sure their voices were heard. In the middle of the rising confirmed coronavirus cases, the group asked people not to wear masks or practice social distancing. It was clear by the Cowboys for Trump rally today in Santa Fe, that Biden being the next president wasn’t going to sit well with the hundreds of Trump supporters.

What’s also clear by the rally, many of the people who showed up to the Roundhouse this afternoon did not wear a mask or distance themselves from one another. It just so happens 1,287 confirmed coronavirus cases were also announced today.

“I told people that are elderly or have pre-existing conditions, more at risk, it would be fine and we would understand if they wore masks,” Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin said. Griffin, who led the Cowboys for Trump group, posted on Facebook yesterday, asking people to show up, but not to wear a mask. He said he had a reason for that.

“We’ve been assaulted before and to be able to identify people, is much more of a concern to me than the Chinavirus…than the coronavirus,” he says. Griffin also claimed there are more important issues right now, other than the pandemic. “We all want fair and transparent elections,” he says.

Our KRQE News 13 crew spent more than two hours at the rally and only saw a few New Mexico State Police vehicles around the Roundhouse. In a statement yesterday, state police said they were aware of the event and would be monitoring it. However, they did not tell us if they planned on citing people for violating the health order.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office is calling Commissoner Griffin an “unapologetic racist” for the word he chooses to address the coronavirus.