LORDSBURG, N.M. (KRQE) – A small New Mexico town that had stayed safe from COVID-19 is now surging in cases. “A lot of people aren’t displaying any type of symptoms they’re not aware that they have it. All they can do at this point is notify people they have been in contact with,” said Hildago County Manager Tisha Green.

The town of Lordsburg has jumped from one case back in May to 23 cases since Friday. That number is expected to be much higher as they wait for results after more than 300 people got tested this weekend. The county manager and mayor both say they haven’t pinpointed one event that’s causing the surge but say it shows how fast the virus spreads.

They say many of their residents are border patrol agents or work in the mines and travel daily to Texas or Arizona. They also say they get a lot of out-of-state visitors. “We have three truck stops in this community and you see license plates from every state you can think of, that’s always been a concern and will continue to be a concern,” said Green.

The Lordsburg mayor says he’s also worried families are holding mass gatherings. The city and county are working closely with the state to help slow the spread, while many local businesses are closed for sanitizing.