ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – From Dollar General, to Whole Foods, to Smith’s, a number of stores across the state are opening certain hours just for people who are more at risk to the COVID-19 virus, like seniors.

The goal is to let seniors shop without the large crowds. With dozens showing up to the designated hours, it’s still creating some large crowds.

On Friday morning, dozens showed up to the Smith’s on Eubank, creating a long line.

“I am just so shocked at how many of my senior, fellow people are here already this morning,” said MaryAnn Stensrud, who showed up to shop.

“Yeah, these lines are pretty extreme. I think people are really frightened. Really frightened,” said Sharon Sharp, who also showed up to shop.

A couple of seniors said they had underlying health conditions. They left without groceries after seeing how many people showed up to shop during the designated senior hours.

“I haven’t had any exposure but I’ve been making sure I’m not near anyone except to walk my dogs. So, this is the most people I’ll get this week,” said Sharp.

Shoppers said Smith’s on Eubank was doing what it could to make sure the large crowd didn’t carry over inside.

“So, they’d let 25 in and as people disperse throughout the store, and then left, they were allowing 25 more in, so the store wouldn’t be overrun,” said Stensrud. Despite the long lines, senior shoppers said they are still grateful for the designated hours.

“It could be that later on when everyone that’s under 60 can come, these lines could be terrible later, so think about that,” said Sharp.