ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People are definitely getting antsy while they want life to get back to normal. A KRQE online poll shows they’re not too confident that will happen anytime soon.

The survey released last week covered everything from masks to concerts, bars and sporting events.
More than 2,600 people responded.

Approximately 40-percent of them think movie theaters and concert venues will still be closed when August arrives. Others are a bit more hopeful. “Everyone loves to go to movie theaters and a bunch of movies are coming out this year, but probably only at like 25 to 50 percent,” Elijah Garcia Gonzales of Santa Fe stated.

People are guessing it will be at least summertime before restaurants even reach half capacity for indoor dining. “I actually work at a restaurant as a hostess so currently I’m laid off right now so we’re hoping to get back in business,” Alyssa Parker of Bosque Farms added.

Almost 70-percent of everyone who took the survey think bars and restaurants won’t be fully open until next year. “It’s sometimes cold or it’s sometimes hot outside and I just want to go inside and sit down and eat my food,” Gonzales explained.

As the Isotopes and United start gearing up for their seasons, people are split on whether the state will allow a limited number of fans in the stands at Isotopes, United, or Lobo games by August. “I don’t think it would be a good idea,” Parker said.

An overwhelming 65-percent of people believe we’ll still be wearing masks into next year. “I have a feeling it’ll be for a long time. I feel like covid won’t be completely gone,” Paige Draeger of Bosque Farms said.

In all, people said that while they’ve missed a lot of those activities during the pandemic, other parts of their lives have improved. “It’s nice to have the free time,” Gonzales stated.

“Home life has gotten a lot better, as well,” Mia Cordova of Bosque Farms added.