Mayor Tim Keller’s Tuesday, April 28 Town Hall

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Mayor Tim Keller had a town hall Tuesday where people asked questions about what it will take to open up Albuquerque and upcoming summer programs.

In Tuesday’s town hall, Keller said they ware working on a plan for kids programs that will be available this summer. He also said after Memorial Day, Youth Connect and adult programs through the Parks and Recreation Department will begin with a new set of rules. He also talked about starting up little leagues and adult softball leagues.

Keller was also asked about reopening businesses. He says that there are plans are to reopen certain businesses.

“Open up a little bit and than measure. So, do something for a week and let’s see how many new cases we get, what capacities are in our medical system, how we handle quarantine issues and then if that all went well, you know we might be able to open up more, and so forth, so it’s that kind of staged approach,” said Mayor Keller.

The Mayor also talked about implementing some rules for the public to follow once businesses start re-opening in phases.

“We’re looking at various regulations around face coverings, also prep screening coming into businesses, especially for like call centers and things of this nature. We also want to make sure we have quarantine protocols set up. So the question is what happens if somebody does test positive?” said Keller.

Also during the town hall, the Albuquerque Police Department laid out how they’re protecting their officers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Police officials say they are limiting contact, ensuring that officers have proper protection gear and have a team that will “gatekeep” any potential exposure.

When asked about potential reports of food shortage, Mayor Keller says food supply seems to be okay in the near future for the city of Albuquerque. He says the city is also looking into opening up more resources for agriculture.

The mayor was also asked about PPE shortages in Albuquerque. He says that priority goes to first responders and healthcare workers to make sure they have just enough first. He also suggested when it comes to masks, a simple scarf can be efficient enough.