Correction Below

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hundreds of people lined up to get tested for COVID-19 at Balloon Fiesta Park on Thursday, July 9. KRQE News 13 saw long lines as testing started at 8 a.m.

Some people waiting in line said even though the lines are long, they think is doing a good job with the resources they have.

“I think we are doing the best that we can with what we have. Supplies are limited and it is kind of tough when you have this going on on a national level,” said resident Andrew Tabor. Officials say 400 cars were tested on Thursday.

Correction: In a previous version of this story KRQE reported people wanting to get tested at Balloon Fiesta Park need to sign up beforehand. That is incorrect, you do not need to sign up beforehand.

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