ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – As coronavirus cases slowly start to increase throughout the state, events are starting to pop up more frequently, defying the governor’s health order. Two of these events are in Roswell and one of them has already been issued a cease-and-desist notice but social media posts show the event organizers don’t seem to care.

Over the past few days, Alien Motor Speedway in Roswell has been advertising their race that’s scheduled for Saturday night. They also have another event on the fourth of July weekend.

The speedway’s social media posts come just days after New Mexico State Police say they issued a cease-and-desist order on Wednesday to the event organizers. The general manager agreed to do an interview with News 13 Friday but never showed up.

Last week, he took to Facebook to address the concerns over an event he held last weekend. “We have a couple haters in our community, previous racers and stuff, that are trying to shut all the race tracks down here in New Mexico that you guys know. I’m not scared. I am racing tomorrow,” he said, last week.

The speedway isn’t the only one under scrutiny. Another flyer has also been circulating around social media promoting a party that’s being held by Let’s Play Entertainment, also in Roswell.

We called the venue to ask about the party, and an employee told us they were unaware of any party. An updated screenshot of the party’s flyer shows the event has been canceled. NMSP says they have told organizers to cancel and if they don’t, they’ll also be issued a cease and desist and fines after that.

NMSP says they do not take proactive measures to look for public health violations. They are also not going to be enforcing people to wear masks.