ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the school year quickly approaches with students expected to attend class at home, parents are scrambling to figure out what they’ll do about child care and making sure their kids are actually tuned in online for the day.

One Albuquerque company thinks it has the answer. “With everything going on today in our world, we just wanted to really reach out to our youth and make sure they’re getting the proper assistance that they need with the changes in their education,” said Dana Saiz.

Saiz is the owner and director of the Kidz R Us Learning Academy near Central and San Mateo. They just launched a back to school program to help kids adjusting to the new schedule and online, remote learning.

They accept kids up to 12-years-old, and it’s an alternative they feel many parents will find beneficial as they go back to work, and may not have anyone to stay home with their kids on the days they’re scheduled to learn from home. KRQE News 13 also spoke with a director from Little Corral Day School who say they have weekly meetings with the governor’s office and have been considering offering a similar program with the demand so high.

“Our goal is to keep it running like a normal APS day would run for these school-aged children, where the days that they’re off of the actual classroom days, they’re here and they’re going through with their normal day, it’s just the same routine. The educators are here full time to help them with their remote learning and get it done, not only assist with it and give a rest to the parents at home but make sure they’re getting it all the way done,” said Saiz.

The Kidz R Us Learning Academy is licensed to assist 30 school-aged children. APS says it has never been funded to provide daycare, nor does it license or manage such programs. APS says the district is funded for “educational” programs only. APS also said the district does assist local organizations, like the Boys & Girls Club, by offering locations and other resources for their programs but those are not APS-operated programs.