NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – When it comes to just how fast the state is rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine. New Mexico is doing better than just about every other state. People are anxious to get the vaccine and don’t want to keep waiting but New Mexico is doing it faster than everyone else.

According to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard, 163,000 doses have been administered. The majority of those being the first dose. The New York Times ranks the state third among the states in the percentage of people who’ve had both shots. According to the Times and USA Today, New Mexico is the sixth-best in the country in the percentage of people with at least one shot.

The Department of Health says the vaccine registration website is a key reason for their success. “In New Mexico, we’ve got 200 providers enrolled in our system and you as a user don’t have to communicate with any of them all you have to do is register for a vaccine and we let you know when there is a dose available for you at a location in your area so it just simplifies the whole process,” says New Mexico Department of Health Spokesperson Matt Bieber.

According to the Times, 5.5% of our population has had at least one shot. According to the state dashboard, around 6,000 doses are being administered daily. “Enough New Mexicans vaccinated that we can move back toward opening up the economy and other aspects of our lives. The way we do that is by getting a huge percentage of New Mexico vaccinated and continuing to test folks as well. So what we’re doing is with vaccination and testing we are basically squeezing the virus from both sides so that it doesn’t have any place to go,” Bieber says.

These trackers also show how many doses every state is getting, not only are we getting it out faster, we are using more of what we get. According to the state’s vaccine dashboard, the state had administered 80% of the doses we’ve gotten which would put s near the top of the list. Rural states are at the top of every COVID tracker. Specifically, Alaska and North Dakota are ranked one or two on most sites.