ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The coronavirus pandemic has complicated just about every aspect of our lives and that includes people who are co-parenting during the crisis. Parents who are co-parenting or separated have been calling local lawyers for advice about time-sharing and visitation.

“The exchanges typically happen in more public places or at one of the parent houses,” said PBWS Lawyer Wesley Enns. “So its become, you don’t know what the other parent or other party has been doing or where they’ve been going. Have they been following the procedures? So you have that level of trust that is really bending right now because you have to focus on your children’s health.”

Enns said parents have been calling his office asking if they should stick to the normal co-parenting guidelines during this time. The Attorney General’s office said if there’s a court order, parents should follow that court order. If the courts are not involved, the Department of Health said parents should work together and act in what is in the best interest and health of a child in all circumstances, now more than ever.

“If you don’t have an order, this is the best time to be as cordial as possible and try to come to an agreement, at least temporarily so you can get through this really rough patch,” said Enns.

District courts are still open and available to address any emergency motions for specific cases and if parents are looking to hand off kids to the other co-parent, parents should work together to make sure the exchange is in a safe spot.