ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city’s golf courses have been open for more than weeks now. With entertainment options limited these days, they’re so busy, players have to book a tee time a week in advance and Monday was no exception. The staff at Los Altos says they’re now busy every day, rather than just weekends.

“Traffic’s picked up. I mean we’re about as busy as we can be. Basically tee times fill up from sunrise to sundown almost. We get a few no shows here and there but we’re only allowed to basically do half the amount of rounds as we would in a typical day,” said Colby Reddock, the Director of Golf at Los Altos.

He said the Los Altos course along Eubank and I-40 has seen a steady flow of traffic every day since reopening back on May 2. Reddock said they’re averaging between 200 to 225 rounds a day and are busying in the afternoons and weekdays than usual.

Because of the current restrictions, they have to spread tee times out to avoid having more than 80 people on the course at a time. Even with all the new rules, people are just thrilled to be playing again. “It’s nice just getting back out. The weather’s been great. So, it’s really nice being outside, instead of indoors,” said Alec Tafoya.

The city’s four courses used to work on a first-come-first-serve basis during the week, but they don’t want walk-ups waiting around in groups, so tee times are a must.

Raddock says if you try and book a tee time any less than five days before you want to golf, you likely won’t have any luck unless there are cancellations. The courses at UNM and Paako are also open. Sandia is only open for club members, while the courses at Santa Ana and Isleta are still closed.

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