ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two Albuquerque city councilors want the mayor to consider reopening some businesses in the metro. Councilors Brook Bassan and Don Harris announced the proposed legislation at a press conference late Sunday afternoon.

It’s asking the mayor to re-evaluate public health restrictions and consider reopening some local businesses like liquor stores, barbershops, salons, and small specialty shops as well as outdoor activities facilities like golf courses and tennis courts while following public health rules like occupancy limits, social distancing and having employees wear masks and gloves.

“As necessary as the initial public health orders may have been, the economic, social, cultural, and recreational interests of the residents of Albuquerque have suffered immensely as a result of the ordered closures. These impacts have been especially hard on the city’s small businesses and service workers and we want to work with the mayor’s office to reevaluate the closure of non-essential businesses,” said Councilor Harris.

The resolution also asks the mayor to immediately analyze the necessity of the continued ban on non-emergency medical procedures.

A spokesperson with the mayor’s office responded to the city councilor’s resolution with this statement: 

We announced last week that we’re already crafting data-driven plans so that businesses can re-open and stay open while the health care system maintains capacity.

We have invited council to join us in our collaborative efforts with the State, area hospitals, and the local business community.

Last week, the mayor talked about opening a few businesses at a time, having a plan for COVID-19 cases in the workplace, and implementing rules like having employees wear masks and getting their temperatures taken. As for when that could happen, he said he’ll follow the governor’s lead.

The proposed resolution will be introduced to the City Council at the May 4 meeting.

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New Mexico Coronavirus Resources