ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With more businesses in Albuquerque doing curbside pick-up in their parking lots, some of those places are trying to create more convenient parking places for their customers to get in and out. That got one store in trouble with the City of Albuquerque on Tuesday morning.

The Best Buy on the west side thought it was a good idea to have their customers pick up their items in handicapped spaces. A picture, sent in by a viewer Monday, of curbside pick-up signs taped over the handicapped signs in the Best Buy parking lot off Ellison. It’s unclear how long those signs were up but the city’s parking division swooped in on Tuesday morning to investigate.

Best Buy removed the signs immediately and put the curbside pick-up signs in regular parking spaces. The city’s Parking Division manager says they’ve had at least three other businesses in town do something similar the last couple months. Those businesses get a warning, then come the fines.

“Dealing with handicapped violations those ones are a $350 fine for each space,” said Jeremy Keiser, CABQ Parking Division manager. He says if anyone sees something like this again to notify the city through 311. Stores are only allowed to have 25% capacity inside.

That along with social distancing concerns has led to more people ordering ahead for curbside pickup. The governor’s current order setting at a 25% capacity limit is set to expire May 30. She’ll announce this week if it will be bumped up.