ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Earlier this month, the governor called for aggressive enforcement of people out in public not wearing masks. Initially, law enforcement statewide focused more on educating people about masks instead of writing $100 tickets.

Many departments were deferring mask enforcement to state police but this week the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office issued their first citation. “I’m for it. I know one of my deputies cited someone a few days ago for not having a mask…,” says BCSO Sheriff Manuel Gonzales.

The citation was issued Tuesday on the westside near Unser and Dellyne. According to the citation, a 34-year-old man was out on a public road not wearing a face mask, in direct violation of the public health order.

New Mexico State Police say they’ve issued one citation related to face-covering violations. That citation was issued to a business, Delta Tire in Grants. Since July 3, New Mexico State Police have issued ten citations for other issues related to the public health order, not related to face masks. Those citations are for things like having too many people inside a business or operating a business when it’s not allowed.

As of Friday, the Albuquerque Police Department hasn’t written any citations. Earlier this month the city announced it was giving the power to write citations to 75 non-police officers including security guards and fire marshal employees. No word how many, if any, citations they’ve issued.

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