ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Pfizer is expected to go before the Food and Drug Administration on Dec. 10. If its vaccine is approved, it could be available right away. Shipments of the vaccine have already been sent to the U.S. Even with a vaccine on the horizon, some New Mexicans are divided on the issue.

“On how quickly it’s spread, and how much it’s mutated which is a big concern as well, so if it’s accurate with the mutation, then I think I’d be more willing to take it because of the safety of my kids,” said Nam Tran, who would be willing take the vaccine. “Our technology and science right now, everyone’s saying it’s moving very quickly but that’s what we are now. We’re moving at such an exponential speed, rate of speed because technology is just becoming greater and greater.”

Some say they’re concerned at how quickly the virus is spreading in New Mexico. They hope a vaccine could mitigate the spread.

“If there’s anything I can do to help combat the virus, I think it’s my duty to do so and I would hope all Americans would do the same,” said Anthony Lopez, who would be willing to take the vaccine. “There’s many protocols in place, many doctors that are looking into this so I do trust the science.”

However, others are not so keen to take the vaccine. Some say they’re concerned about how quickly a vaccine is heading to the market.

“Nine months is a little too short of a time to start producing a vaccine and make it available to the public, especially because they don’t know the long-term effects of any sort of vaccine that they could produce. We are just now finding out the long-term effects of just the coronavirus, itself and what it’s doing to people,” said Nieka Diaz, who would not take the vaccine if made available soon. “They all don’t have the same vaccine so it would lead to, maybe they could all work together and find the best possible vaccine.”

Pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective with no serious side effects. The other possible vaccine by Moderna reports 94% effectiveness.

According to a KRQE survey, many New Mexicans are still pretty divided on the topic. Around 47% say they would take Pfizer’s vaccine, while 42% say they wouldn’t. Around 11% are undecided. Nationally, 58% of people polled say they would take the COVID vaccine.