ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the year comes to an end, one Albuquerque family wanted to make sure no one would forget 2020 by putting a spin on the traditional Christmas card. The family is hoping to put a smile on people’s faces after what has been a difficult year.

For years, the Hamlin family has done what most families do during the holidays. They take a photo for their annual Christmas card. This year, however, was different.

“We persevered. We came through and it’s kind of why we wanted to make some people laugh,” says Julie Hamlin.

Persevered through a year of shutdowns and working and going to school from home. So, in order to commemorate this year, Julie came up with a spur of the moment idea.

“All three of us sitting there with our laptops because…I think that’s incredibly relatable to what people were doing, and this is incredibly relatable,” she says.

A photographer herself, Julie set up her tripod and snapped the photo that would eventually turn into the Hamlin family’s 2020 Christmas card. “In all honesty, my son was still in his bathrobe. I mean, there was so much honesty in that photograph!” she says.

After this year, Julie says she just hopes her family’s Christmas card can spread some joy to anyone who might need it this holiday season. “I hope people can look at it and find humor in it,” she says.

While taking a family photo is something Julie and her family do every year for their Christmas cards, this year will always be special. “This will definitely be a year we will never forget,” she says.

The Hamlin family Christmas cards were such a success, many of Julie’s clients have requested this non-traditional photoshoot as well. She’s now offering funny family photos for New Year-themed cards.