ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Now that more people are staying inside because of the coronavirus, Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare is asking people to use their time at home to help an animal looking for a home.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, people are being encouraged to sit, stay and play in their homes. Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare said it’s a perfect opportunity for people to help them out.

“With that uncertainty and all that time in the household, it would be a great time to add in a temporary family member until we can find them a permanent adoption,” said City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Chief Field Operations Adam Ricci.

The shelter wants people to sign up for their new emergency foster program. It’s a list of people willing to temporarily take home a shelter pet for the next four to six weeks as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“Right now there’s so much uncertainty in the community and through that we have a very vulnerable population with the pets that are in their care,” said Ricci. “We don’t know what that future looks like so we’re trying to find as many homes as we can for our pets if that’s through adoption or foster.”

Right now, Animal Welfare said they’re about two-thirds full. They worry as the coronavirus continues, the number of shelter pets could quickly grow.

“We were gonna come look and see if there was a dog or a cat we could either possibly adopt or foster,” said local Christine Martin.

Fostering could be their way of giving back to the community during a time of crisis.

“We need to help these dogs and cats, too,” said local Trinity Cardenas. “We all need to do something to help out.”

Both the east and westside shelters will be giving people who sign up to be a foster, food, blankets and toys.

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