ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you noticed more mosquitoes than usual, you’re not wrong. That’s because there’s a new species of mosquitos swarming the metro. Nick Pederson with the New Mexico Environment Health Department says it’s been a normal year for mosquitoes along the bosque.

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However, he says they’ve been tracking a new species of mosquito that can live in backyards with very little water. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito first showed up in 2018. According to a CDD map, in 2017 it was unlikely that they could even live in Bernalillo county.

Now, Pederson says the species has exploded over the last year and it’s extremely difficult to get rid of them. “Aedes Aegypti only need about the amount of water that can fit in a bottle cap to complete their life cycle. We’ve been finding them in children’s toys, sometimes children toys will catch water from the sprinklers and it’s not an obvious source of water,” said Pederson.

Aedes Aegypti does not carry the West Nile virus. While they have been known to carry the Zika virus in other regions, that is not a concern at this time in New Mexico.