Mug Shot Gallery: May 2019

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Nicholas Franco is accused of threatening a man at gunpoint then siccing their dog on him, then actually shooting him on May 14.

Daniel Franco was involved in a police shooting Friday May 17 near Central and Washington.

Ephram Bashir mug_1558649292102.jpg.jpg

Former Indianapolis 500 champion Al Unser, Jr. has been arrested for DWI in Indiana. 

DeShante A. Williams is charged with one count of armed robbery in Las Cruces. The charge is a second-degree felony.

Augustin Gallegos has been charged with kidnapping a 9-year-old girl.

Dominic Detwiler was invovled in a police shooting that happened on April 18 near Vermont and Copper.

Jesus Arenivar was involved in a police shooting Friday, May 17 that happened near Old Coors and Central. 

D'Angelo McNeal is the accused getaway driver in the murder of a University of New Mexico baseball player.

Adam Bremmer was sentenced to 62 years in prison for impregnating a 13-year-old girl. (5/16/19)

Michael Gilpin, who was convicted of child sex crimes in 2008, was arrested after deputies discovered child pornography in his home. (5/14/19)

Khaled Kassem, a former UNM Valencia professor is charged with battery and criminal sexual contact after allegedly touching a female student's breasts and buttocks in 2017. (5/15/19)

Mario Castellanos Reyes was arrested for the April 11 deadly stabbing of Eric Trujillo in downtown Albuquerque. (5/15/19)

Jackie Cubit was sentenced to 19 years in prison for hitting his infant daughter with a candle in a glass jar in November 2017.(5/14/19)

Dominic Rodriguez is accused of raping a 14-year-old female relative. (5/13/19)

Tommy Singer is accused of armed robbery after allegedly pulling a knife on a Walmart employee when he tried taking merchandise from the store.

Prosecutors say D'Angelo McNeal was seen by witnesses at Imbibe nightclub at the time UNM student Jackson Weller was killed. McNeal is accused of driving the car that suspected shooter Darian Bashir got into following the shooting. (5/13/19)

Darian Bashir is accused of fatally shooting UNM baseball player Jackson Weller. (5/11/19)

Stephen George Meek, 66, was arrested by NMSP after he was accused of allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl on a school bus. (5/10/19)

(Carl Wilson)

William Shimer, 23, is a repeat offender who was arrested after authorities allegedly spotted Shimer in a stolen vehicle. (5/10/19)

Matthew Soto, 30, has been arrested after allegedly sending inappropriate messages, videos, and photos of himself to a 14-year-old girl. (5/9/19)

Benny Valenzuela was recaptured after fleeing while on furlough as he was awaiting sentencing for four counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and aggravated indecent exposure. In 1990, he was also convicted of raping a woman. (5/9/19)

Shayann Martinez and Carlos Griego of Santa Fe are facing child abuse charges after police say their 11-month-old child ingested heroin. (5/8/19)

Charges have been refiled for Monique Romero and David Zuber. They are each charged with one count of reckless abuse of a child resulting in death. Zuber is also charged with tampering with evidence. (5/7/19)

Hunter Woods, 16, is accused of shooting his mother's boyfriend and could possibly be involved in two other shootings. (5/6/19)

Leroy Lopez is accused of trying to sell a stolen computer from New Mexico Prints Gallery. (5/5/19)

Enrique Palomino, one of the teens involved in the 2015 murder of Steven Gerecke, is charged in an April 5 robbery and shooting near Aztec and Tulane in Albuquerque. (5/2/19)

Former New Mexico Sheriff and Magistrate Judge Heath White is accused of embezzling over $20,000 during his time as sheriff.(5/2/19)

Mykl Chavez was charged with nearly running over a NMSP officer two years ago but failed to show up in court. In February, Chavez was pulled over by Bosque Police in Peralta where he drove off nearly hitting an officer. Chavez has since been apprehended. (5/1/19)

Trudy Martinez is accused of fatally shooting someone in Twin Lakes. She then fled the scene with her three children ages 5, 9, and 10. (5/1/19)