Mug Shot Gallery: March 2019

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William Roberts was arrested in Roswell after authorities discovered he was wanted for violating his parole. Roberts served time in Franklin County, Ohio for murder and was supposed to be in Miami, Florida. (3/29/19)

Joseph Zamora is accused of running over his ex-girlfriend, killing her in an incident that occurred near Indian School and Pennsylvania. (3/ 28/19)

Jimmie Atkins III was arrested in connection to an armed robbery that involves the prime suspect of the murder of two Albuquerque teens. According to court records, 23-year-old Jimmie Atkins III was also involved in the murders of 14-year-old Ahmed Lateef and 15-year-old Collin Romero. (3/27/19)

Savannah Garcia was arrested on March 25 for drug charges. She was arrested before a warrant was issued for her to appear as an eyewitness for the trial of Davon Lymon, the man accused of fatally shooting APD Officer Daniel Webster.  (3/27/19)

A New Mexico high school coach has been arrested for allegedly trying to get a 14-year-old student to have sex with him. Michael Puebla, 26, was a basketball coach at Dora High. (3/26/19)

According to court documents, Deputy Peter Herrera pulled over 27-year-old Facundo Chavez in El Paso the week of March 18. They say Chavez then pulled out a gun and shot at Deputy Herrera multiple times who died from his injuries. (3/26/19)

John Town is behind bars after leading police on a chase at triple-digit speeds and sending another driver to the hospital on March 4. State Police later tacked on more charges to this case after searching Town's vehicle where they found heroin, burglary tools and stolen power tools. (3/22/19)

A Bernalillo County Sheriff's deputy says Gabriel Ordonez ran a red light near Arenal and Isleta. The deputy says Ordonez refused to sign the traffic citation. Ordonez was arrested and on the way to MDC when he reportedly offered the deputy $100 to let him go.(3/24/19)

Gabriel Rodriguez and Justin Hobbs are charged with kidnapping and conspiracy following the attack at the Lea County correctional facility earlier this month. According to a criminal complaint, the men attacked the officers as they were being moved to another pod. (3/21/19)

Special agents with the New Mexico Attorney General's office conducted an undercover chat operation where an agent posed as a mother offering Joshua Saavadra her child for sex. (3/20/19)

The Chaves County Sheriff's Office started investigating 24-year-old Ricky Romero Jr. after he allegedly received inappropriate pictures from a 15-year-old girl on Facebook. (3/20/19)

Matthew William Luxon (left) and Lyle Thompson (right) have been charged with negligent arson and conspiracy for the March 10 incident that left the National Hispanic Cultural Center with more than half a million dollars in damage. (3/20/19)

Amanda Barela, Patrick Atencio, and Paul Moreno are accused of robbing a man in Farmington after luring him on a dating app. (3/18/19)

Chelsea Darnell is accused of driving drunk with a toddler in the car. (3/17/19)

Anthony Moya was charged with his sixth DWI after leading State Police on a chase. (3/17/19)

Victor Castillo is accused of stealing a vehicle with a child inside. 3/14/19) (courtesy Las Cruces Police Department)

Tyrell Bitsilly was arrested for a second time after testing positive for meth while released on bond for multiple child abuse charges. (3/13/19);

Alyssa Cross has been charged with causing a deadly pedestrian crash. Police say Cross was speeding when she ran a red light, hitting another SUV. That driver in turn crashed into Carlos Medrano-Olivas, killing him. (3/13/19)

Isiah Ontiveros turned himself in to authorities after being identified by Farmington Police as the alleged shooter that killed Nathaniel Tracy. (3/12/19)

David Crespin was arrested after he allegedly stole a vehicle and kidnapped a woman. (3/7/2019)

Antonio Gonzales was arrested after running off in the middle of his own trial. (3/6/2019)

Patches Graham was arrested for allegedly assaulting a healthcare worker. (3/6/2019)

Monica Mora is accused of fleeing from police. (3/6/2019)

The former owner of the Scalo restaurant, Stephen Paternoster is accused of sideswiping a truck and driving on a suspended license. (3/5/2019)

Donald and Barbara Matthews were charged with fraud, forgery, and identity theft. Deputies say while being questioned they both admitted to the crime. (3/3/2019)

Jesus Angel Garcia and Alexandro Montelongo-Murillo Jesus Garcia were wanted for the shooting of Daniel Sandoval in Meadow Lake. (3/15/2019)

Mykl Chavez is accused of trying to run over a Bosque Farm officer. (3/1/2019

Nicolas Williams is accused of picking up prostitutes on at least two occasions and raping them. (3/01/2019)

Johnathan Griego is accused of shooting at a car after the driver allegedly honked at Griego and his girlfriend for not going on a green light. (3/1/2019)

Mario Amparan, 48, was arrested in Velarde after a search of his business, Club Lumina revealed 79 baggies of cocaine, a scale covered in white powder and a variety of pills. (3/1/2019)