Mug Shot Gallery: July 2019

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The charges keep mounting against a man accused of exposing himself to women. James Chavez has been charged for yet another incident, this time at the Old Navy at Cottonwood Mall.(7/3/19)

Jeremiah Otero

Jeremiah Otero from the South Valley is accused of touching himself in the middle of a street in full view of children. (7/3/19)

Janelle Chacon is accused of breaking into a AFR fire station. (7/5/19)

17-year-old Timothy Malek is accused of opening fire at a home in Albuquerque, killing one and injuring two others. (7/7/19) (image courtesy Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office)


Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sex trafficking underage girls and conspiracy, owns a remote New Mexico mansion in Stanley. (7/8/19)

Hector Madrid (40) was charged with two counts of murder after allegedly fatally shooting two people in Hobbs. Alfonso Aldaco (25) is charged with two counts of accessory murder. (7/10/19)

David Dear is facing child pornography charges after a former employee discovered pornographic images on a work computer. (7/11/19)

Philip Fiorenzio is facing multiple charges including aggravated battery after allegedly ramming a deputy's vehicle with his own. (7/14/19)

Police say Donald Duquette admitted to fatally shooting a man on I-40 near the Big-I. (7/15/19)

Cherisse Perez is accused of stealing more than $24,000 from the Curry Resident Senior Meals Association. (7/20/19)

Favian DeLaTorre is accused of breaking into and ransacking an elderly man's home in Los Lunas. (7/15/19)

Conley Woods is accused of rape and aggravated battery in Santa Fe. (7/16/19)

Yarelis Cespedes has been charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornography. (7/17/19)

John and Crystal Dickman are accused of allegedly using their own children to create child porn. (7/18/19)

Ricardo Soto is accused of fleeing to Mexico after killing his 2-year-old son. (7/19/19)

for the 33rd time, most recently for resisting arrest and auto theft. (7/19/19)

Jeremiah Otero