ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – During UNM football training camp, receiver Jeremiah Hixon found a feather and put it in his helmet. That inspired lineman Taurrian “Teedo” Stafford to do the same, which became a trend that’s here to stay.

“I just looked down on the ground and I saw a feather, I put it on and I just had the practice of my life,” said Stafford. “I do love nature, but it was the beauty of nature. You just looking down and you see it. I’ve found a feather probably every day on my way to the complex.”

The feather seems to be working for Stafford, as the offensive line had a solid performance against No. 23 ranked Texas A&M where the Lobos only conceded two sacks.

“We’re dawgs. Show them that this is our identity, this is not a costume that we put on one day and say woof woof. No, this is what we’re going to do and how we’re going to show the world, so that’s all it is. Protecting the president, you know Dylan is the president. Protect him, you know we’re the guards in front of him.”

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Meanwhile, the NMSU football team is preparing for their first Conference USA game. The Aggies will play a Liberty team that they beat 49-14 last year, but the Flames are running a new offense this year that is more difficult to stop.

“It’s a little bit like Air Force but not like Air Force, its unique what they do,” said NMSU head coach Jerry Kill. You make a mistake and its 6 points. We are similar in some ways offensively, but I am hoping all of the option stuff we ran thru the camp and thru here is going to help us.”

In other news, New Mexico United will be without their top goal scorer for awhile. Amando Moreno is representing El Salvador in the CONCACAF Nations League, and those around NMU believe he is ready to shine on the international stage.

“You know there’s very few guys that have that individuality x-factor that consistently do it over and over again,” said United head coach Eric Quill. “He’s shown that he’s not a one game wonder, it’s a consistency to who his attacking mind is. El Salvador was smart to bring him in, they’d be smart to play him because you want to play the guys that have the hot hand.”