ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the Isotopes return home for a series against Sacramento, former Rockies manager Clint Hurdle and player Todd Helton will be assisting in player development. Hurdle has the most wins in the Rockies franchise and led the club to a pennant in 2007, while Helton is a five time All-Star.

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“You want to be the kind of person that can come in, they’re looking forward to seeing you,” said Hurdle. “They may share some things with you that they don’t share with their coach or their manager, doesn’t make it wrong. It’s just another opportunity for them to find…and truthfully if I’m a hitter. I will listen to Warren. Yes. I am going to listen to Jordan, but I tell you what. When Helton comes to town, I’m going to ask Helton some questions.”

“I can work with first basemen, defensively,” Helton said. “I think I can do a lot of help that way. Hitting, Pacheco does a great job. I just maybe be another set of eyes for him to see if we can get the guys even better.”

In other news, Valley high school honored long time baseball coach Roger Cordova before its game on Tuesday. Cordova spent 26 years coaching the Vikings before retiring in 2006 with over 300 victories. Now his name will be forever be cemented with Viking baseball as the field is now officially Roger Cordova Field.

“It represents a lot of people,” Cordova said. “26 years worth of players, and players are the backbone of any program. A lot of players and assistant coaches, I had a really fun time working with each and every one of them, and I still have a good time seeing them today as adults.”

Meanwhile, four Rio Grande high school held a ceremony for four seniors going to play baseball at the the next level. Eduardo Cardenas has committed to Pima Community College while Antonio Carmona, Jose Galindo and Marcus Sanchez will be playing at Luna Community College.

“It feels good, it’s exciting, it’s like what you’ve been wanting to do forever,” said Galindo. “My freshman year I saw the seniors do it and I’ve always wanted to do it so, when I got to do it, it was a great feeling. It’s great just having your brother beside you at college from high school since freshman year. It’s fun, I’m excited.”