NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The PUBG Mobile New Mexico Bowl is back in Albuquerque in 2021, after being in Frisco, Texas in 2020, and everyone involved in making the game happen couldn’t be happier to have it back in the Duke City.

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“I can’t even explain some of the feelings that we have had over the past few weeks. Just to be back and interacting with this community, it’s just good to see the hotels getting ready to host teams and our events ready to go, and our board and our sponsors excited, and it’s right and we are looking forward to throwing a big party for Albuquerque and New Mexico,” said PUBG Mobile NM Bowl Executive Diector, Jeff Siembieda.

This year’s match-up will feature the 7-5 UTEP Miners and the 9-3 Fresno State Bulldogs. UTEP landed in Albuquerque on Tuesday night, while Fresno State will touch down in the Duke City on Wednesday. Jeff Siembieda is excited to bring this game back to New Mexico, but he is also excited to house an exciting match up. “In Fresno State, I think we got the best team in California and one of the best teams on the West Coast. They are just loaded up and down and then being able to bring Tre Watson home and perform in front of the local fans and his family is great. And what UTEP has done in their turnaround, they have a QB from New Mexico, Gavin Hardison from Hobbs New Mexico, and a number of New Mexico players on that roster and So, I like the match up a lot. I think we have the opportunity to have another really good game,” Siembieda said.

The game will kick off at 12:15 p.m. at University Stadium on Saturday.

New Mexico State men’s basketball will be back in action on Wednesday night, as they look to extend their three-game road winning streak playing Washington State. This will be a tough match-up for the Aggies, as as they play a PAC-12 team on the road and Washington State is coming off of a loss. As of now, NMSU holds an 8-2 record and is riding three straight road wins.

“There is an old adage that they say, most teams in some fashion or form take on the personality of their coach. So, I mean, look at me, I am not the prettiest dude in the world. So, maybe that’s part of it that they are just kind of getting on my train and let’s win like our coach looks. So, I don’t have any problem when people describe our wins are ugly that means that we toughed it out. I am proud of the fact that we found a way to win 3 like that on the road. I think that experience is invaluable,” said NMSU Head Basketball Coach Chris Jans.

The New Mexico Runners Arena Soccer Team is set to kick off their third season this week. Playing in the Major Arena Soccer League, the Runners will play in Omaha on Friday and Saturday. This team will be back in New Mexico for their home opener on January 1, and just getting the chance to play at home is huge for this organization.

“For us, it will be about 1 year and 10 months since we actually set foot playing at home again. So, that’s just been a whirlwind in itself of trying to get the third season up and running but the excitement is there man. People are excited, our players are excited, we are selling season tickets, It’s exciting to finally bust out and get going again,” said NM Runners Owner, Andres Trujillo.