NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – For the first time in two years, Notah Begay III and his NB3 foundation held the New Mexico Grande Slam golf tournament to help raise money to benefit children in New Mexico. The tournament has raided more than $800,000 in its previous four events.

“I just look back and I am so thankful for what the game has given me, its a great game,” Begay said. “Obviously, you are all here because you love to play and it challenges us each and every day just like life. You know, some days are better than others, for you they are a little bit worse than mine, but you know we go out there and have a great time.”

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In other news, the Lobo cross country team is racing in South Bend, Indiana on Friday. The Lobos are wearing orange shirts in warmups, and will be racing with orange bows, to recognize and honor indigenous people.

“This a reflection of all the things indigenous kids have been stripped of, their culture identity, their culture upbringing, their family ties and all those things coming together within the orange shirt,” sophomore runner Ali Upshaw said. “September 30th is a reminder of all these stolen children that went to boarding school against their own will. There are over 300 boarding schools across the U.S. and Canada and over six thousand indigenous children being unearthed from these very large mass burial graves.”

Meanwhile the Lobo football team is getting ready to play Friday at UNLV. UNM quarterback Miles Kendrick is making his fifth start of the season, which is the most by any quarterback under head coach Danny Gonzales.

“I’m willing to do whatever we need to do to win ball games and execute this offense,” Kendrick said. “It’s new. So, like I said, I mean, every game is an opportunity for me to learn and get better in the option game and I’ve been taking those reps to heart and just watching the tape and learning the little things that I can do better as far as attacking the pitch key and stuff like that.”