NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico State is taking the field against the number three team in the country on Friday night. The Aggies will play Oregon State in the first round of the Corvallis regional on Friday night and while it was a slow start to the season, the team believes they have found their stride.

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“I think throughout the season we were pressing so hard,” said outfielder Tommy Tabak. “We were always trying to find it instead of letting it take care of itself. That obviously clicked for us and now it’s just. Everybody is having a good time. We were just at practice and we were jumping up and down. There’s nobody in the stands, but we were acting the same way we would if there was.”

In other news, Carlsbad senior Nolan Perry has been named Gatorade New Mexico baseball player of the year. The talented two-way player posted a .436 batting average with 34 RBI to go along with a 10-1 record and 0.42 ERA.

Also, a local female power lifting team is getting ready for competition in Las Vegas. The Iron Soul Baddies is a group of 30 women who range in age from 20-56 years and moms, amateurs and engineers.

“I love that its all women because I feel like a lot of people think lifting is a male dominated sport,” said Tori Wahl. “So, being a part of women breaking the stigma that only men can lift heavy is like really empowering.”