ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There have been plenty of changes for New Mexico United this season, including a mid-season coaching change and recent roster moves. The changes are showing an impact on the team, and recently they haven’t been positive. United is currently on a five-match winless streak, but head coach Eric Quill is urging fans to stay patient.

“We have to get these profiles to start to gel and it’s not something that happens over night,” said Quill. “We’re hoping training by training, game by game, we start to look more the part. And I think we got away from us in certain situations, how they change momentum. A turnover, a loose ball, little things can change the momentum of a game.”

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Meanwhile, the defending state champion in girls 4A soccer, Hope Christian, opened the 2023 season on Thursday. The Huskies defeated Sandia Prep 4-0 to extend the school’s win streak to 31 matches.

In other news, former Albuquerque High football player Landon Williams is ready to make his college football debut this season. Williams redshirted during his true freshman year and said that sitting and observing allowed him to grow, literally, as a player.

“I feel like my game is completely leveled up, you know, great coaches who have completely changed my technique, the way I do certain things and the way I do everything, really, has improved,” Williams said. “The strength staff, they’ve made me significantly stronger then when I came in. I’ve gained 20 pounds.”

Also, WBC interim light middleweight champion Brian Mendoza will now get a chance at the WBO belt. The New Mexican who trains in Las Vegas, NV will face Tim Tszyu in Australia on October 15. After winning his WBC title, Mendoza said he only plans on fighting the best as he moves up in his career.

“I was never happy with, okay, I fought for a belt, that was far enough,” Mendoza said. “I’m still, I’m not complacent. I want more. So, however I can keep putting on for New Mexico, I just want big fights. I’m not taking tune ups. I’m not taking any of that. I just want big fights, more belts, bigger belts, whatever.”