ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico United is about to enter its 5th year in club history and looking to ride the momentum from the end of last year. The club struggled with possession and was third lowest in the league in dribbles completed in 2022 which is a point of emphasis this preseason.

“This is something that we wanted to be more comfortable with in possession, more aggressive in possession,” said head coach Zach Prince. “If you look at our games last year, the majority of our wins we had around 45% possession. We want to be able to dominate the game a little bit more in possession but also do that with the with the ball at times as well.”

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In other news the Lobo men’s basketball team closes out the regular season at Colorado State on Friday night. While UNM is coming off one of its best offensive performances, coach Pitino wants to see his team improve on the other side of the ball.

“I think we’re getting better and I do think some of it is we’re a little small on the perimeter, but we just got to be scrappier. We got to show some fire and some fight on the defensive side of it. That’s just part of this. It’s too tough of a league and you can’t rely on scoring 94 points all of the time. You got to be scrappy and you got to disrupt. So, work in progress.”

Meanwhile a player on the Lobo women’s team was recognized for her performance over the last week. Tay Duff was named Mountain West player of the Week on Thursday.