NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The Gateway Christian football team has something to play for in 2022. The Warriors head coach, Micky Reeves, collapsed during halftime of the state championship last season and later died in a hospital. The impact that he left on the program is one that is not lost on the community.

“I think the true legacy of anybody is not what you do when you are here, its what happens when you are gone,” coach Wigley said. “If that carries on, and I see it in those seniors, gosh I am sorry. I see it in those seniors and I see it in that group of kids. We are not playing season for him, we are playing the season the way he would have wanted us to play it, and if we do that I feel like he will be proud of us.”

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In other news, Isotopes outfielder Wynton Bernard is still waiting to hear his name called up to Colorado. Through 86 games, he is batting .327 with 74 RBI and 17 home runs.

“I mean he’s been grinding it out 11 years in the minor leagues and I couldn’t be prouder,” manager Warren Schaeffer said. “He gets after it every day with a smile on his face. He loves to play. He’s playing the best center field I’ve seen in awhile. He rules that hill out there. He asked me that question back in April man. I said you got to do it again in May. You got to do it again in June. You got to do it again in July and he’s done it. So, we’ll see.”

Also, Jon Newman-Gonchar is entering his 4th season as head coach of UNM volleyball. He is confident entering 2022 following last season’s 20 win performance.

“We return 10 players, and of those 10, there is 2,000 sets played within those players, we went and did the math,” he said. “For the first time since my being here, we have experience, we have depth at every single slot.”