ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Lobo women’s basketball coach Mike Bradbury says the University of New Mexico has done a great job helping his team play games this season. Bradbury is grateful to the school but frustrated with public health orders that have kept his team on the road.

The Lobos are prohibited from practicing or hosting games in New Mexico leading them to make the team move to Texas since the start of the season. While Bradbury understands the need to be safe, he says the restrictions could use a little work.

“There’s not anybody that can tell you what it is, except us,” said Bradbury. “I’ve never been in a holding cell or a prison or a jail. I’ve never been in one, never seen inside any of that, but I can only imagine from what I’ve seen on TV; The only difference is that we have a TV and internet. They drop your food off at the door and that’s what you got. So you tell me what’s right and why kids wouldn’t need a break from that and how you can do that 71 consecutive days?” Bradbury said. The Lobos had a break around the Christmas holiday and more pauses in the action could coming. “I mean there’s going to have to be more of those,” said Bradbury. “Whether that means we forfeit games or don’t play them or something. Nobody can survive with what the way we’re being asked to do it.” The Lobo women start Mountain West Conference play at Nevada Thursday, in the first of a two-game series.

Meanwhile, the Lobo men’s basketball team suffered a sweep in its conference-opening series at Boise State last week. Head Coach Paul Weir is trying to get his team to work out the flaws before meeting Nevada in a two-game series starting Thursday. Like the Lobo women’s team, the men have practiced away from home this season. In games, they have struggled to score points. “We need to get used to being out there in live competition and taking and making the shots that you can make in practice and other situations and part of that, is just going to be experience,” said Weir.

A pair of former Lobo football players have enjoyed a solid season in the NFL. Miami Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders is second in the league in field goals made with 34 out of 37 attempts. Buffalo Bills punter Corey Bojorquez leads the league in distance averaging over 50 yards per punt.

SB Nation is reporting that MMA fighter Diego Sanchez and his trainer, Joshua Fabia, have created an onlyfans account. The goal of the page is to show fans an exclusive video of Sanchez training and traveling. Sanchez joins a list of other MMA fighters who have started to use the service but unlike other fighters, Sanchez’s account is free, for now.

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