ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Following his high school career at Volcano Vista, Diego Pavia began his college career at NMMI. The quarterback led the Broncos to a NJCAA national championship, but the DI offers still didn’t come in for Pavia. He hoped his championship resume would land him a spot at UNM, but Lobos head coach Danny Gonzales looked the other way. NMSU head coach Jerry Kill didn’t, and the move resulted in a 2022 bowl win for the Aggies.

“Diego Pavia is a good football player,” said Gonzales. “He’s a tough guy, he’s talented. I did not offer him a scholarship to the University of New Mexico. I didn’t recruit him. I thought we were in a different situation. Did I make a mistake? I tell every single New Mexico kid, prove me wrong. He did. He is a big time player.”

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When UNM faces NMSU this week, it will be the first time the Lobos see a quarterback like Pavia. He is known for his toughness and ability to extend plays.

“Make sure who ever has the quarterback has their eyes on him, is locked on him and really just keeping an eye out for him,” said UNM safety Tavian Combs. “Understand that he’s not going to go down after the first initial contact, maybe. If he does, he is still going to try to get the ball out. So, really take in that factor and going having fun and playing football.”

Meanwhile, Jerry Kill retuned to NMSU practice on Wednesday. The Aggies head coach had been out for a few days due to health reasons.

“It’s great, you know, he’s our leader and whenever we see him out here, you know, it’s like we got to go even harder for him,” said NMSU QB Diego Pavia. “That’s how I feel like, that’s how the team feels like. And, we just want to make him proud. He’s given all of us an opportunity and we got to make the most of it.”

In other news, former Manzano high school standout baseball player Mitchell Parker is making the next step in his pro career. The left handed pitcher was called up to AAA Rochester on Wednesday. Over the last four years in the Washington Nationals minor league system, Parker has a 19-22 record with a 4.2 ERA.