ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  Aden Chavez left for the state of Florida to play his senior year of football. Even though he secured the number one spot at quarterback at his new school, he did not stay. Chavez, who left New Mexico as one of the top quarterbacks in the state, decided to return to Cibola high school.

“I’m extremely happy to be back home,” said Chavez. “I mean, home is home. It’s always comfortable here. I always love my teammates. They’re great. They accepted me back in and I’m ready to earn back their respect and do what I got to do to lead this team again.”

Chavez will not be eligible to play in the first game. The quickest he can return is game two, when Cibola plays against the Valley Vikings on Aug. 26. Daniel Benham, who also plays receiver, had stepped in at quarterback with Chavez being gone. “We’re excited, but we’re also excited about our team,” said Cibola head coach Chris Howe. “When he was here before, we were really excited to have him, and we’re excited to have him back. The kids have been working really hard; they’ve been putting in the time. I have all the faith in Daniel Benhan as much as Aden. So, we’re just moving forward.”

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Chavez said he learned a lot about football playing in Florida and he hopes to apply what his new knowledge to the field for Cibola. “Just looking at offense perspective differently,” said Chavez. “It’s about breaking down zones and breaking down man coverage and why do you run the ball and how to attack zones and how to break down defenses. I learned a lot up there. I’m not going to say I regret going out there. I definitely learned; I grew. I gained weight. It’s an experience I’m grateful for and it’s something I’m ready to move on and work as hard as I can for these guys.”

Chavez put 18 pounds on his six-foot-three frame. He is trying to get to a target weight of 215 pounds. The Cibola Cougars open the season against the Eldorado Eagles on Aug. 19.

In other sports news, Friday Night Football returns Friday with the first show of the regular season. The show on Fox New Mexico has an 11:05 pm start.

Lobos quarterback Isaiah Chavez finds himself in the same position he was as a true freshman, having to prove himself to get time on the field. Chavez spends more time watching as three other quarterbacks have taken the bulk of the snaps in fall camp.

The New Mexico Military Institute Broncos have big shoes to fill in 2022. The Broncos will start the season as the defending national champions of junior college football. The spoils of victory from last year’s success has helped the program upgrade it sports facilites.