It’s an industry even Nostradamus might have a hard time foreseeing.

According to Hollywood, flying cars should already populate the skies. While airborne vehicles might still be years away, current technology is impressive.

Within ten years, many predict that every new car rolling off the lots will have built-in wi-fi hotspots, keeping drivers connected to the internet and possibly a network which will link cars on the road. 

This network might prove useful in preventing future auto accidents. Self-driving cars might also be on the horizon. 

These vehicles could also feature convertible cabs which could be optimized for watching movies, doing work, or even taking a power nap.  

Electric cars will also be much more prevalent on the roads, something the City of Albuquerque is working to incorporate in their planning. 

Between municipal and private entities, the metro area features more than 20 charging stations for vehicles of the future.